Corporate Wellness

“Work, Rest and Play” Series of Workshops, and Seminars

Napoleon, or was it Frederick the Great coined the phrase “An army marches on its stomach”.

Today’s workforce is no different.

They face many challenges:

  • long commutes
  • long working hours and shift patterns
  • sedentary working conditions
  • environmental issues, such as air conditioning, chemical emissions from carpets and décor, and electronic radiation from office equipment
  • Psychological challenges, such as, production targets, office politics, open plan seating.

“Work, Rest and Play” Workshops, and Seminars aim to encourage a healthy work-life balance so that your employees can enjoy all aspects of their life. Good physical and mental health means strong vitality, which they will bring to work in the form of energy and enthusiasm.

The report,  Fit for Purpose  (Absence and Workplace Health Survey 2013) found overall absences still cost the economy £14 billion a year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Whether as a company benefit, or part of a Wellness at Work Campaign, the “Work, Rest and Play” workshops and seminars can improve the overall health of all staff, with untold positive outcomes and potential for the business in terms of employee health, and goodwill and financial profit.

Seminar topics

  • Combatting stress
  • Weight management and maintenance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Keeping well
  • Eating right during the working day

Workshop topics – smaller groups

  • Personal health assessment and recommendations
  • Postural assessments and exercises to do while working

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