About me

You aren’t just what you eat: you’re what you digest and absorb into your body, and how your body uses that nutrition.

Eating healthily is the best present anyone can give themselves.

I’m not about encouraging fad diets, quick-fixes, and the latest “superfoods”. My aim is to increase my clients’ understanding of how and why their new food choices nourish their bodies, increasing their vitality and wellbeing. Also, to educate and motivate them to work towards their goals. To help them establish a new and positive relationship with their health, so that it will become their new, normal way of living.

Being healthy isn’t about being boring. Get ready to get excited about your new self!

I grew up in a foody family and I have an honours degree in Food Scientist from Reading University. I spent 15 years working in the food industry focusing on new product development. So, consider me “A Poacher turned Game-keeper”!


I apply the Functional Medicine model to my client care. It is an integrated, evidence-based method that works alongside traditional medicine and aims to uncover the underlying causes of complex and chronic groups of symptoms that cause ill health.

It encompasses the field of Epigenetics, which is the influence on our inherited genetic code by internal and external nutrient and lifestyle factors, including exposure to environmental toxins and our psychological state.

I believe the best results are achieved with a whole body, patient-centred approach that acknowledges that every person is unique.

I spend time with each client, taking a detailed case history, talking through all aspects of how they feel and may sometimes recommend specific laboratory diagnostic techniques to gain even more information.

I see me and my client as a partnership with the common aim of restoring them to optimum health and wellbeing.

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